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  • Core Values

    Mike Foster, RE/MAX 100 
    Core Values

    We are 

    ¨ Towards our Company and Clients

    ¨ We CARE about the camaraderie of the team and the importance of building a STRONG community through clients, affiliates, and co-workers

    ¨ We have a desire to deliver SUPERIOR service no matter the situation

    ¨ We do not allow personal life and outside influence to negatively affect customer or co-worker interactions

    ¨ We MOTIVATE and INSPIRE those around us


    ¨ We RESPECT and SUPPORT others, especially customers and co-workers

    ¨ We respect the company at the highest level as if it were our own



    ¨ We get shit done at work, so we have the FREEDOM to do whatever we want in life

    ¨ We believe in hiring “A” PLAYERS who have fun reaching their GOALS

    ¨ We take ACTION

    ¨ We “JUST DO IT.”



    ¨     We take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for our actions and make ZERO excuses

    ¨     We ask “What Could I Have Done Differently?” in any situation

    Always LEARNING:

    ¨ We always work on our craft to become BETTER person and Real Estate Expert; by reading books, practicing scripts and attending seminars to embrace our minds


    ¨ We believe that everyone has limitless potential and that a team of “A” PLAYERS can change the world. The #1 trait of an “A” Player is relentlessly pursuing feedback, being willing to receive it and taking immediate action to IMPROVE.



    ¨ We BELIEVE in creating a company that you are proud of, an EXCITING environment and a LIFE worth living

    ¨ We LOVE the clients we work with and create FRIENDSHIPS

    ¨ We DREAM BIG

    Add VALUE, Make a Difference:

    ¨ We approach every situation with the mindset of ADDING VALUE to the lives of our FRIENDS, FAMILY, and CLIENTS

    ¨ We go the extra degree to make a difference in other’s lives

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